What will replace champion points?

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Spotted this on the PTS patch notes for the update 21

Champion Point Increase
The Champion Point cap will not be increased for Update 21, or subsequent updates, until further notice. We are currently investigating the best direction to take the system to have healthier balance overall for the game.


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What defines "healthy balance" anyway? That which causes the least wailing and gnashing of teeth on ZOS forums?

Harrumph, I say.

"We are currently investigating the best direction to take the system to have healthier balance overall for the game" is all corporate meeting-speak.

Frankly, I enjoyed the game back before the "One Tamriel" thing where you could get your butt kicked repeatedly and vigourously if you jumped into the deep end before you took swimming lessons.


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The game was being held back by people not being able to play with their lower level friends, the One Tamriel update was necessary both for that reason and to make it more in-line with the expectations of a TES product.

The CP system has lead to a lot of power creep, to the point where people with CP find the game too easy and the people who have no CP get shit on by the people who do when they say the game is hard. Having no CP makes the game quite challenging.. it also makes DLC content and Trials/Arenas almost impossible to complete and nowhere near doable on Vet.

ZOS even enforces a CP300 req. for VetDLC.

What will replace it, who knows. It will give an advantage to those of us who already have CP though, not a huge issue if it is passives like Treasure Hunter and Master Gatherer.

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Nicely put Essi
I recently created a new char on the NA server (now lvl 27 and thanks to guildies for making me a smorgsboard of manna and health goodies). No champion points at all and hey am having a great time playing a game with a challenge in solo mode. The 810 CP on the euro server does make the game far too easy IMHO. Also, there is a tendency to either a) just create a new char to lvl to 50 at the same time as totally overpowering them with 810 CP from the word go, or b) just grind an existing 50+ char to get the next 30 CP points to enjoy at some further update.
Its difficult to see how ZOS can re-engineer the game mechanic, given where things are. IMHO, it was a mistake to automatically share the CP with all newly created characters. Or at the very least, only share them after a new char has reached lvl 50. Another suggestion is a game dynamic whereby the CP motherload is seen as revenue which can be uploaded or downloaded by all your chars for a variety of different skill sets. So I currently think that the law of diminishing returns that applies to the current CP skill system is absolutely crazy, why spend 1 CP point to get 0.01 improvement in a skill??
It would be better to have say a separate crafting skill point tree, with loads of additional crafting skills that would really encourage a lot of thought about character development. But hey what do I know :p)


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EDIT: Also this belongs in ESO General Discussion. @Rootimus can you move it and check if @Parcellus has access to the ESO sub-forum?
I simplified a lot of that forum privilege stuff when we switched to XenForo - all forum members have access to pretty much everything once they make their first post.

With regard to the question posed in the thread title, they'll do what they did when they "got rid" of veteran ranks - call it something else and multiply by 10. Look forward to DS (Dumb Shit) 1,600 gear; exactly the same as the VR 16 gear you currently wear, followed by MS 16,000 gear in 2022. :xftongue:


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I kind of like the CP being shared, though I admit that is partly because I find it horrible to not have access to Master Gatherer. I guess I was kind of looking at CP like heirloom gear from WoW. I have been wondering for quite a while what they will do with CP though. Anyone at cap really doesn't have to make many choices in allocating CP since you have so many. You can get pretty much anything you want, especially since the frontloaded the effects of each slot to such a degree that going above 50-60 points in one place is counterproductive unless it is something absolutely required at max for your build.

That multiply by 10 thing... One Tamriel hit when my highest level character was VR4. I don't remember what CP I got converted to, but it was way beyond what my gear converted to... As if a stamina nightblade (complete with all the newbie build mistakes) wasn't squishy enough. I died more than normal until managing to acquire some appropriate level gear. I hope that whatever they do next doesn't screw over the people above 50, but below gear cap.
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