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Teamspeak volume attenuation.

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So a lot of people say they turn game volume right down while on Teamspeak so they can hear others talking :-t

Well I'm hear (get the pun huh?) to tell you that you're doing it wrong !!!111

Once upon a time Teamspeak had built in volume attenuation, but the devs were lazy and didn't want to update it anymore, leaving users to turn game volume down so low they cant hear whats going on, so a very nice man came along and re-wrote it as a plugin, so all please take a moment to thank Broesel.

Volume attenuation turns the games volume down whenever you or another person is speaking, letting you hear clearly both voice chat and game sounds. b-)

It is dead simple to install, even someone who mains on Aldmeri Dominion could do it (with a bit of help, so this post is for you AD players ;p)

1: Start up Teamspeak.

2: Go to the top menu, select "Tools", then at the bottom of the popup menu select "Options".


3: With the options window open, look on the left hand menu for "Addons"

4: On the Addons page, select "Browse online" at the top, and enter - "Volume control" with out the " " into the search field and press ENTER (AD players ask me in game and I will explain where the ENTER key is ;p )


5: Scroll down the results to find - Volume Control by Broesel, select this and choose to install.


6: once installed, go back to the Addons tab of options, select Plugins from the top, and look for your new plugin from the list.


7: make sure Volume control is enabled.

8: Recommended but not essential, open the settings for the plugin, and turn up "suppressed volume level". This is the volume level of the game when someone is speaking, the default value I personally find too low so I set it to about 5 notches up.


So that's it, nice and easy even a High Elf could do it O:happy:
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Magic glue applied to this excellent guide. Bonus points for dissing High Elves. :happy:
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