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Prey, a quick review.

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So, I got through Prey. Two different ways. 72 hours to the first credits screens. I could have got to the end around the 36 hour mark but I wanted to take a different route as well as explore more of the station. I think I crawled about 90% of the maps snagging only about 35% of the achievements. I must go back and play through again differently to achieve the others. Which I’m doing now and looking for more hidden areas. It doesn’t take long for the happenings on Talos 1 to draw you in to the story. My frame rates were top notch, and the controller mapping as well as the UI fit nicely. This game is scary immersive and you’ll find yourself ripping off 6 hour crawls with ease, so stock up on Hot Pockets. I like the fact you can play or go so many different ways. This is a thinking mans game but don’t think too hard, else something will come along and scare the **** out of ya. If I had to score Prey right now I’d give it a solid 8.
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