Normal Halls of Fabrication

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If you have the Morrowind chapter then the new trial is "Halls of Fabrication".

As with most trials there are plenty of mechanics to learn.

Trial/Rain compression:
Tanks - 2
Healers: 2+
Rest DPS.

Required Abilities:
Tanks and Healers - Aggressive Warhorn
If tanks and healers have the Raid Notifier then you can use the /rnulti 1 to track it.

Healers - Efficient Purge, Elemental Drain

DPS - DOTs and AOEs

Everyone - Shields

First Area:
In the first boss area you will have two separate boss battles.

Positrox - Negatrix
One tank on each boss
Separate them so that they do not engage the electric tether.

One or Two members with Crushing Shock or Venom Arrow interrupt.
Interrupt the Dwemer Spheres when there arms turn orange.
Also the boss's may cc either tank so interrupt that also.

Rest of DPS group on one of the tanks and burn down boss.
When one boss is down then go to the other.

Once Positrox and Negatrix are down go to the chest near the entrance.

Pinnacle Factotum and Centurions
One tank takes Factotum and other takes Centurions

The Factotum puts down like shards that needs to be killed.
DPS order - shards, Centurions and Boss

Two DPS will have to go to the top via the blue pads.
One DPS at the 3 and other at 9 o'clock.
Kill add synergize console and go left kill the second add and synergize console.
Once both done go through portal to below.

Once Pinnacle Factotum dead take portal to above.

Second Area: Refabricated Spider

Two basic phases to fight.
First is the Adds.
Simply use Rapid Maneuver and run around the entire circle agroing the adds.
Once around stop and DOT & AOE all Adds.
Then clean up the remaining.

Now the Refabricated Spider will activate.

DPS run in front of the Spider

Refabricated Spider has a large shield.
Activating the switches around the circle will bring up a lightning line that will temporarily remove shield and cc the spider.
When the shield is down and the spider is cc'ed ultil bomb him and big dps.

Go to next switch and do same.

Third Area Reducer, Reclaimer and Reactor
If the three are close they tether to each other and heal, so the key is to separate them.

Reclaimer stays in middle.
One tank takes Reducer and the other Reactor.
Separate them for the Reclaimer.

DPS all 3 down to 69%
DPS start on Left and then to Right and finish center.
Once all at 69% they need to come back to the center.
Once in the center they will be cc'd for a while.

When they recover then separate them again and DPS to 39%.
Then back to center.

Separate again and finish them off.

Final Boss - Assembly General.

Four phases: Arms, Adds, Floor and Final

Split DPS and healers onto the platforms
One tank in front of General.
DPS till Arms are blown off.

After Arms are blown off kill all Adds

Once General moves to center jump off platform to the floor.
Be in the section the general just left.
Spread out on the center track two per notch with melee to the far end and range to the center.
Stagger healers to ensure everyone is covered.
DPS down the Adds and transistor that comes out from the end.

Once General goes to next area then start over at Arm phase.
Groups stay on same arm.

Repeat till General goes to middle and stands.
Then go to center and spread out.
DPS and Ulti down.



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Did this yesterday with another guild. Seems like it might be relatively easy once everyone has the mechanics down.
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