nHoF (invite only), Saturday 13/1 at 20:30 CET PC/EU

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Sheogorath's Lackey
Hi guys,

We are going to do Normal Halls of Fabrication and this event is invite only.
It's "invite only" because this is one of, if not the hardest trial and we want to run this with fixed team first times to test tactics etc...

We are probably going to follow the veteran guide from Alcast. You can find that here: https://alcasthq.com/eso-halls-of-fabrication-guide-elder-scrolls-online/
I say probably because that might change but it doesn't hurt to start reading up on the mechanics anyway.

I expect we will be struggling quite a bit. But lets be patient and have fun with it.

Event leader: Xrixi and Sisu
Coordinating gear: Green Talon

Note: Magicka characters should start leveling purge if you don't already have it. It's found in the alliance->Support section. Recommended morph is towards reduced cost (Efficient purge) as it costs ~7k to cast unmorphed.

Players invited and listed please post your gear options.

Tank: Leuf
Tank: Essi

Healer: Xrixiana
Healer: Falco

dps: SisU (Melee stamina)
dps: Wafu (Melee stamina)
dps: Flapcat (Ranged magicka) (tentative)
dps: Nox (??Ranged magicka??)
dps: Octavo (Ranged magicka)
dps: Green Talon (Ranged magicka)
dps: Sru (Ranged magicka)
dps: LondenCalling (Melee stamina)
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Eye of the Xrixi
ESO Officer
Fortified Brass + Livewire or [Sanctuary(but this would require some grinding, since I'm missing most pcs)]

Green Talon

Prince of Madness
ESO Officer
Along with the gear you are running, if possible mention your skills too.

If we have a good number of stam characters, we have some great options in gear that have great group utility, such as:

*Recommended Sets*
1. Night Mother's Gaze
2. Sunder Flame
3. Morag Tong
4. Roar of Alkosh (useful for magicka too, armor reduction is both fracture and breach)
5. War Machine (what we will be farming in nHoF)

*Okay Sets*
6. *Hand of Mephala (*it's a heavy set that can used by a tank or a support stam DD only when we don't have a templar applying power of the light for minor fracture/breach)
7. Hircine's Veneer (can also be used by Healer or Support DD)
8. Powerful Assault (it's at the bottom of the list for a reason, but still here as it does have a group utility)


Eye of the Xrixi
ESO Officer
Hircine's would be doable as well, but would also require some grinding, and would depend highly on how many StamDDs we end up with.

Dungeon 1Hs and shields feel like they barely drop :p

Green Talon

Prince of Madness
ESO Officer
I can also run NMG or if I put some time in it Sunderflame.
Don't worry about Sunderflame / Morag-Tong / NMG I have those sets and can switch to my squishy Stamblade if required, just bring lots of Soulgems. (*sorry Alkosh is still incomplete only 3 usable pieces at the moment)
Old fashioned typing for me.

Stamina DK

Head: Kra'ghs Mask
Shoulders: Velidreth
Chest: 7th Legion
Waist:7th Legion
Gloves: 7th Legion
Legs: 7th Legion
Boots:7th Legion
All Stamina Enchants, all purple

Necklace and rings: Agility - purple with weapon DMG enchantments also purple

7th Legion Maul - crusher enchantment
Asylum - Sword and Dagger (Whirlwind set) - crusher enchantments both purple
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Yeah, that was my PvP setup. I have stripped my NB of his armour now and passed that to my DK. I have 7 medium armour, mix of spriggans and viper sting, all purple with 5 stamina enchantments and 2 health. My three jewelry pieces have weapon dmg enchants. One is legendary (yellow), two are purple

My purple dual daggers have crusher enchants and the bow is legendary (yellow) with a yellow poison enchantment.

I have just done a test run with him tonight and he pretty much eats through stuff solo. Of course that is not in a trial but I expect him to hold his own tomorrow night :wink:

Green Talon

Prince of Madness
ESO Officer
Just let me know if I have to change to Stamblade

I can run (in order of preference) NMG+Sunderflame or Morag-Tong+Sunderflame or NMG+Morag-Tong, my DPS wont as high as I usually get on my Magblade, but our stam players will get a great boost.


Sheogorath's Lackey
Well - just been trying to post superstar pic and they all end up stamp sized. Soooo:

Gear: 5 juli 5 BSW, 1 iceheart (crit)
Juli Flame staff shock infused
Juli lightning staff charged (I've been using charged enchant for 'bring your own off-balance' which seems to work well but have others too

Skills - can swap something around for Major Ward if needs be. LMK if you need details of setup


Sheogorath's Lackey
No, just hope some people have it. ��

So you can make it tonight?
Yes I can as long as my electrics hold up :/ my street has issues sometimes in bad weather (bit worrying lol) - but should be fine. apologies in advance if I am not here, the only reason I will not be is power failure :happy:
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