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Mobile Hot-Spot Gaming or How I Learned Why That Is Not A Thing

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Internet at the house is dead until Thursday -- it appears a power hiccup here killed the transformer/power supply for all our land line phones, TV, and internet via my fiber-optic connection. I could probably get it working again with another 12V power supply I could kludge into the system. I considered using my voltage regulated battery charger since the amperage required to power the system is pretty low. However, since the connection is affixed to the ceiling in my garage, I can't be bothered (it's a function of being old). Service person will be here on Thursday, I'm told.

So, naturally, I tried using trusty cell phone as a mobile hotspot. It works, kind of. Logged in long enough to snag today's freebie. Tried to work through a couple of crafting writs, but it was laggy and weird. I logged off to tell the scary story here.

I'm going to go watch a movie from physical media now (yeah, I know ... physical media is so old school). Figure tonight's showing, it's a toss-up. We're watching The House With A Clock In Its Walls or The Blind Side or maybe #1 son's copy of Incredibles 2 (which has my vote, but can easily be overridden by she-who-must-be-obeyed).


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Hopefully, the young whippersnapper they send to fix the ~thing~ will bring the right tools / parts and get it fixed. Give it a few more years and physical media will be so old school that you'll postively be a hipster by owning any. :xftongue:

Has anyone ever figured out whether She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed is a cult, a gestalt entity, or some combination of the two? With the kind of power She has, I'd hate to see the electricity bill that goes with it. :xfwhat:


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Nobody questions Memsahib, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. We watched The House With A Clock In Its Walls.

It's likely I'll go ahead and patch in the battery charger tonight, if for no other reason than the opportunity to post a photo and instructions in Frontier Communications' "help forums." Hilarity will ensue.
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