Maw of Lorkhaj

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Below are notes I put together from a few sources around the interwebs to help with Maw runs. Perhaps they can be of use on our Saturday night runs with drthree. I'm not too sure I can make those runs regularly as they are a bit late of a start time for me. Anywho:

Maw Cliff Notes

Trash Pulls

  • Little humanoids, burn down
  • Suncasters: Cast ground target void circle that silences, slows, does damage. Roll dodge out of it. Layer circles when possible.
  • Archers: Pronged cone attack, can avoid damage by standing between red markers on ground.
  • Tanks: Random target charge, block.
  • Berserkers: Nasty Bleed.
  • Kill order: Suncasters, Archers, Tanks, Berserkers.

1st Boss - Zhaj'hassa

  • Runes around perimeter of room, these clear debuff. Your screen will change dark purple/blue when debuffed. You have about 20 seconds before debuff kills you. Runes disapppear for about 20 seconds after being used. Leave rune near tank up for tank to use.
  • Damage Shield forms around boss. Boss casts constant room wide aoe as red circles under each players feet. Spread out slightly so as not to stack damage but remain relatively grouped up around boss for heals. Burn down damage shield to end this phase.
  • Pillars spawn around room. Stay near a pillar, mutiple people can use same pillar. Boss begins to cast blue-ish looking spell, get behind pillar at this point (you only have a few seconds) ASAP and line of sight the boss. Boss spell explodes killing all that were not behind a pillar.
  • Senche randomly spawn throughout fight, not tauntable. DPS down, drag them to dps if you need help killing.

Trash Pulls

  • Ogre Packs: Kill Shaman first. Stay near healers, Ogre slam ability stacks and hurts, do not stand in packs.
  • Wave fights: Long fights. Waves of shaman and banner mobs with small humanoids. Same kill orders. Try not to get too spread out. Pace resources. aggressive war horn, bubbles, shards, Siphon Spirit (resto farce siphon morph), bone shield....all helpful.

2nd Boss - S'kinrai

  • 2 Bosses, 2 tanks needed.
  • Raid splits into 2 groups. Waterfall and Tapestry side.
  • Waterfall tanks pulls blue boss, tapestry tank pulls gold boss. Groups stay on their respective sides.
  • Adds spawn, kill adds asap.
  • Bosses cast their colored buff drastically reducing damage done to same color targets. Tanks range taunt opposite color boss to swap bosses. Raid stays on their respective sides.
  • Blue boss and adds cast void circles on ground, roll dodge out asap. Layer circles as possible.
  • Gold boss and adds channel jeebus beam that stuns and damages target. This needs to be interrupted ASAP.
  • Bosses will teleport to door and portal areas. Note candle line down center of room. Bosses pray and the floor on their side of the room turns their color and cast massive AoE. Players need to be in the opposite color as their buff to live through this. Groups still stay on their respective sides, just on one side of the candle line or the other. After aoe buffs will drop, players are engaged on the boss they are close to. Boss recasts buff, players move back to original spot (waterfall and banner), tanks taunt opposite color boss. Stay near your teleport boss untill it casts the new buff.
  • Players must never run by each other with opposite color buffs. Players stay on their side at all times. Players stay near their teleport boss to pick up correct buff after teleport.
  • Color recap: Opposite color target and floor is good. Same color players together is good.

Trash Pulls

  • Big Panthers: Not tauntable, stack em together and burn down. Random player marked and panther attacks that player.
  • Levers: Pull one at ta time, long wave fight for each.
  • Loot Chest
  • Door Gauntlet Room: Kill Banner mobs same order, burning suicide adds explode.

Final Boss - Rakkhat

  • Main Room: Center center platform surrounded by smaller platforms like a clock. Boss turns center platform purple. Stay out of purple. Boss turns next platform gold, starting at 12 oclock and rotating clockwise. Tank engages boss on gold platform with boss facing away from the center of the room and the raid. Boss will turn next platform gold, tank moves to next gold platform, boss jumps up in air and turns current platform purple. Boss has interruptible cast.
  • Mini Boss Add: Off tank picks up mini boss add and pulls next to main boss on gold platform. DPS burns down add.
  • Runner phase: 6 chanting monks spawn on center platform (2 on right, 2 on left and 2 in center) they can not be targeted, damaged or killed. 3 runners enter back room through portal. Refer to picture below showing run paths and brazier spawn locations. Runners split off to left (red), center (green), and right (blue).
  • Runners: Run along respective paths, jump chasms as needed. Ignore dancing Khajiit. At brazier activate eye of jode, if present a chanting monk can now be seen and killed with any amount of damage. Runner moves to next brazier asap, rinse, repeat. Damage is taken while in back room, I think stamina stops regenning. Self heals, run buffs, pots all helpful here.
  • Monk Watcher: One player back in clock room will call out how many monks are left on the center platform. I.E. "2 left 1 center 1 right". The sides the monks are on corresponding with back room is not confirmed so for now the runners should be sure to finish their path. Note the number of braziers on your respective path runners.
  • End Runner Phase: Runners move back to main room. Runners clear their debuff picked up from runner room on one of the glowing runes in the corners of main room. This debuff needs cleared before re-entering runner room or runner will instantly die.
  • Misc: Boss randomly targets player with curse, cursed player should move out of raid before erupting into large purple spheres that fly out in multiple directions. Rakkhat periodically spawns large moving purple sphere that damages and snares players, avoid this. Rakkhat has a high damage chain gun spell that can hit multiple targets, tanks faces boss to outer wall away from raid.
  • Center Phase: After boss makes way around room he flies to air and does aoe damage. DPS burns boss down, if dps is low boss summons adds to each pad. Players are on center pad (now gold) and activate a synergy that pops up to kill as many adds as possible. Healers need to use mitigation and aoe heal on pad to keep raid up through this massive aoe damage. Kill straggling adds and clock room cycle starts over.

Supporting Media

2nd boss. Note the teleport phase. The boss will cast it's color on it's half of the room. Players need to have the opposite color buff to live through it. The buff then clears and is recast by the bosses.

last boss.

Runner map. Note routes and brazier spawns.

Use "Eye of Jode" on that little rug at the brazier as a runner on last boss.

An example of a Void Caller (chanting monk) found after using "Eye of Jode" during runner phase of last boss.



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Thank you for posting.
I was also making something, but this is great.

Would prefer it in the Trials thread, but it is here. NP


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Went in to MoL for the first time 11 June.
We made it all the way to the final boss.
Once again our DPS was just not enough to get past it.
But we learned all the mechanics and coordination.
The group did a fantastic job. :-h
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