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Gamin until you are numb

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I've been suffering with pain from my shoulders and down to my fingers for many many years now. It all escalated when I started playing D3 :p. I have through these years visited countless doctors with expertise in different areas (naprapaths, neurologists etc...) and have never got rid of the pain. This is most certainly because I can't stop gaming (duh :smile:) and that I use a computer full time at work. So my body never gets to rest from these micro movements with the mouse and smashing the keyboard.

With that said I have found methods that really help Me and that's why I wanted to share this. Since I bought a vertical mouse to my workplace (you can't use this for gaming :happy:), looked over the ergonomics (See my picture in the gallery :p), started doing these exercises and visiting the naprapath a couple of times a year I've managed to keep the pain at a minimal level. So weather you experience similar problems or not, I recommend to at least look at the exercises in the link below.

As a side note, this is not a pity post. I just want to share what works for me and will hopefully help someone else.


Vertical mouse:

Gallery picture:

Ala American style *I do not take responsibility for anything I just wrote, If you choose to follow my recommendations, it is done at your own risk* :smile:
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Glad I saw this, my neck and shoulders have been in a lot of pain recently, my fingers are aching (like, in the bones) and getting occasional tingling in my thumb and a couple of my other fingers. Was hoping it was nothing serious, but looks like it could be from gaming for too long! Will give some of your exercises a try!!
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