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For us, Claptrap fans ;)

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Hail Claptrap,
I pledge my self to forever be a minion,
I follow the sound of thy soothing voice,
I dance to thine dun step,
I follow thee to loot untold,
I bow before thine sub rountines,
Hail the all mighty CL4P-TP


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If BL3 doesn't have clappy in, gearbox are gonna....gonna uh.... gearbox are gonna have my wrath as I buy their next game, and buy all their DLC in protest, yeah viva la reva leution? uh praise clappy ! :happy:u
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  • essi2 essi2
    Healthcare worker in training.. don't get sick or old in Norway.. you are warned
  • Rootimus Rootimus
    Nerf summer, buff winter
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Space nerds rejoice - the SpaceX crew dragon test just went like a charm!
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Dutch aliens can rejoice, too. :p
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    lol, I'm sure they'll be happy to know that :p
    Rootimus @ Rootimus: :)
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