EU Aetherian Archive learning run!

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Like we did with Hel Ra we will be doing the same for Aetherian Archive or well known as AA!

Here is the guide we will follow:

When will we be doing this?
Sunday 7 PM UK, 8 PM CET (same time as usuall) August 27th

Sing up here if you want to join.

We need 8 dps, 2 tanks, 2 healers.

Tank - Xrixi (or dps)
Tank - Leuf

Healer - Sal

Dps - Octavo
Dps - Falcoluna
Dps - Essi
Dps - McFadian

Dps - Ovidia
tank - Reesy
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  • essi2 essi2
    Healthcare worker in training.. don't get sick or old in Norway.. you are warned
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Did I miss a memo, or something?
  • Kraynic @ Kraynic:
    The algorithms know better than to pay attention to your silly quotation marks. :devil:
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    LOL, foiled again!
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    If you apply a three-colour dye stamp, can you subsequently change just one of the colours (assuming you have ESO+)?
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    Surviving Mars is on sale until May 20th
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    On steam?
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is free to play on steam this weekend.
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    Steam yes. Haven't checked GoG and Plaza
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Oooh, just found it on steam and it's also free to play for the next 2 days. Absolutely, positively, definitely going to try and find the time to give it a try. :p
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    Time to Necro up!
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Download faster, little downloading thingy!
  • essi2 @ essi2:
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    If that link does what it says on the tin, all I can say is: Praise Sheogorath!
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Talking of addons, I had all my libraries in a seperate section at the bottom of the addon screen, but now they're back to being mixed in with the addons. Anyone know how I broke this?
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Dang, almost 2 hours to patch. Was the last big expansion this bad?
  • Xrixi @ Xrixi:
    was rather fast for me. 10 min tops
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Obviously the Dutch traded their weed-loaded brownies for faster download speeds. :p
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    @Rootimus That happens when the addon sorting addon is out of date and Allow Outdated is off
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    Something is not right, loads of the new libs register as addons in the Addon selector addon
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Yup :sad:
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    I blame Gnatz.
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    It is possible the Author of the Addon Selector needs to manually add the libs to a list of what addons the addon defines as libs
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    That sounds reasonable.
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    "Hey all, we can confirm there is a combination of DLC ownership and ESO+ that is causing some of you to not receive surveys. We're working on getting this fixed as quickly as we can. Thank you for all the information! "
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    No surveys? Finally a useful bug!
    Rootimus @ Rootimus: No surveys? Finally a useful bug!
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