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Destiny 2 (PC)

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Anyone else playing? I’m Ciovala#2920 Battle.net if you want to join up. :happy:. Currently playing with some friends from a small gaming community I also play with (non of whom play ESO, sadly). Would be good to find some other nice peeps, though!



Eye of the Xrixi
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No money and not really the spare time for an MMO-like either :p

Otherwise I would :happy:


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One MMO at a time is all I can handle, and Civ 6 gets jealous of all the time I spend with ESO.
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    Nerf summer, buff winter
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    Steam sale is live
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    Epic Games - free game every day until 1st Jan
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    Today's offering is Into the Breach
    Rootimus @ Rootimus: Today's offering is Into the Breach
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