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Eiffel Anywhere

Civ 6 Eiffel Anywhere 2018-03-25

No permission to download

  • Removes requirement for the Eiffel Tower to be built adjacent to city center
Install: extract to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods
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  • essi2 essi2
    Healthcare worker in training.. don't get sick or old in Norway.. you are warned
  • Rootimus Rootimus
    Nerf summer, buff winter
  • [CARE]Godspeed @ [CARE]Godspeed:
    Keeping cool in this hot weather is a must. we are breaking records in belgium 40.7 celcius :p
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Lots of spammers registering on the forum lately. If you're the one false-positive that gets caught in our anti-spam measures, please give a guild officer a shout in-game and we'll get you sorted out.
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    Fudge! I forgot Planetfall is out in a week
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    I need to play Age of Wonders 3 some more before I decide whether or not to get Planetfall. The screenshots on Steam look pretty.
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    I'm in a beta test for a ~thing~. The NDA I signed explicitly prohibits me from even telling anyone what the ~thing~ is, which is fair enough. Expect, despite there being a sign-up and a limited number of places, the ~thing~ is right there online for everyone to get (the beta started a few minutes ago). #SheerGenius / #DumbAsARock
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    NDA's almost always include that and a clause stating you can't even say you are in a Beta or that you are under NDA
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Still kinda silly to make it public knowledge. :happy:
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    (By "kinda silly" I mean "dumb as f***).
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    NDAs are one of those things Admin don't give 2 fucks about unless you break it, so they are never tailored to the situation
  • Xrixi @ Xrixi:
    Well hope you enjoy the beta :happy:
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    I'll try, but it's nothing exciting like a game, or anything.
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Warning: zero-day exploit found in Steam.
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    This is a far more common problem than anyone on the User and Enthusiast hacker side even realizes. I suspect we'll see more of these sort of things going forwards. Nobody cares to fix anything anymore.
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    How's Planetfall, Essi?
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    Fun, but unforgiving on Normal. It also has that random dislike bs from Civ
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    Easier to mod than Civ though and you won't run into someone with a dislike for you every game
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Winter coat needed in August? English summer confirmed.
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Yay for ZOS QA! - Event tickets are hit and miss; zone chat is full of people not getting theirs.
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    And my thread was locked for "baiting".
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Reporting a problem to ZOS == baiting.
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    How about now, Essi?
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    @Rootimus Can edit now, which sort of accomplishes the same things I guess.
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
    Not really - I'll poke around in the admin panel some more.
    Rootimus @ Rootimus: Not really - I'll poke around in the admin panel some more.
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