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Greybeards and Gals is a gaming community directed towards the somewhat older gamer. Our main game is The Elders Scrolls Online but we play other games as well. Besides having a great community we offer a forum, teamspeak and other fun things.

Originally founded by some Eve immigrants, our ESO journey began on the NA server during the beta period. After a couple of years of recruiting fine people with terrible humour (and even worse aim!) we expanded to the EU server where we also now have a thriving guild.

We pride ourselves on being a nice bunch of laid-back people with no onerous list of rules or mandatory requirements; come and go as you please (though we always appreciate a courtesy message for long absences).

So welcome and enjoy your stay!

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  • essi2 essi2
    ↳ Healthcare worker in training.. don't get sick or old in Norway.. you are warned
  • Rootimus Rootimus
    ↳ Yarrr!
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    Deleted duplicate event from calendar
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    In theory I'll have evenings and weekends off this semester, so I might try to arrange some events/get togethers with the Guild in ESO @Rootimus @Mandy @Waerla @Green Talon
  • Rootimus @ Rootimus:
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    @Parcellus ESO is currently experiencing some difficulties -_- You're still in the guild though
  • essi2 @ essi2:
    Witcher 3 is 70% OFF on steam atm, just btw
    essi2 @ essi2: Witcher 3 is 70% OFF on steam atm, just btw
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